Shure Paddle Antenna

Active directional UHF antenna with integrated amplifier for improved wireless signal reception.

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Antennas. HA-8089 PWS Helical Antenna. Wideband UHF (470-900 MHz) remote antenna for Shure UHF-R receivers, PSM transmitters and antenna distribution systems.

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Add this Shure paddle antenna to your Shure GLX-D wireless system's receiver to improve reception and reduce 2.4 GHz interference. Includes 10-foot cable.

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SHURE UA874US Active Directional Antennas - Overview, Applications & Cabling | agiprodj.comDJ Rick fights of a bunch of loud, boisterous people setting up for a wedding to show the Shure UA874US active directional antennas (sorry about all the background noise). Also known as paddles…

Shure's HA-8241 Wideband UHF Helical Antenna. Unidirectional antennas are primarily used for long range the 'log periodic' or 'paddle style' antenna The most common directional antenna is the…

Active Directional Wideband UHF Antenna with integrated amplifier 470-900mhz. the shure UA874 is a UHF active directional antenna that delivers improved wireless reception. …

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