Atlanta Audio products made easy

Learn secrets that Atlanta professional recording studios use and charge $150.00 an hour for and I can show you how with some simple software and a microphone!!!

New No Holds-Barred Step-By-Step Video Course Totally Destroys The Frustration Of Creating Amazing Audio Products, Audio
For The Web, And Recording Telephone Interviews, Guaranteed!

If you can talk and point and click a mouse, you are on your way to building an audio money making empire right from your home faster then you ever dreamed possible…

Creating audio products is the fastest and easiest way to start building your info-product business, and I can prove it…

Here is just a fraction of what you’ll learn in this amazing course:

  • Create CD quality audio products right from the comfort of your home computer and not from an expensive studio
  • Get on the fast track on how to edit your products your way
  • Convert your files to different formats- the easy way
  • Add music and special effects in a snap!
  • Add audio, with the buttons, to the web in a flash
  • Record telephone conversations cheap and easy
  • Learn how to create Podcasts

    and so much more… this is just tip of the iceberg.

Read on to find out what this powerful course can do for you…

Best Of All, You’ll Get Five Software Programs With Step By Step Videos To Get You Started On Building Your Audio Info-Product Empire”

Dear friend,

Allow me to show you a easy 1-2-3 approach to setting up your home computer system to record professional audio products, create audio for the web, and learn the ins and outs of audio recording, and so much more for what it would cost to take your honey out for a cheap night on the town. ( A really
cheap night !)


What if you knew that you could create audio products that have CD quality sound, and are able to edit and add awesome background music (which by the way, I add as a bonus), and be able to crank these little audio money machines out like crazy…

Would you be interested?

Now before you answer, let me tell you that my partner and best friend who helped me put this killer step-by-step video home study course together for you has his own recording studio and charges anywhere from $150.00 to $250.00 an hour depending on what type of project it is.

So when you are shown, in the course, how to set up your own power packed audio studio from your home for the price of a $15.00 microphone or Free if you already have a microphone, are you interested now…

If I had to take a wild guess, I would say “YES”

By the way, if you thought of using a professional studio to record and edit your audio projects…FORGET IT. Save yourself the time and money.

The Atlanta Pro Audio Products Made Easy Home Study Course
has everything you need from A to Z on how to do it yourself the easy way.

Congratulations John, you’ve empowered ANYONE to go out and create their own top-selling, high profit audio information products.  I’ve built my business based on creating and helping others create hot selling infoproducts, now I have the exact tool to help beginners and Top Guns create their own professional audio products from home for under $50!  You should have kept these secrets to yourself, though I’m certainly ecstatic you took the time to share them. Think of all the money you can save by not stepping foot into a studio but
rather sit in the comfort of your own home and whip out these audio programs
like crazy.

Now is the time to jump on the audio making bandwagon

I’m going to give it to you straight… If you’re not creating your own money tree with audio products you are missing out on one of the best product generators around.

If you’ve been surfin the net lately, you probably noticed that audio is popping up everywhere you look. They are showing up as informational products, audio testimonials on web sites, teleconferences, audio post cards in email, and so on.

But before we get into the nitty gritty of turning your computer into a audio
cash generating machine, let me give you a quick introduction.

My name is John Kiel and I don’t have a sad story to tell . I didn’t rise from the ashes to create a million dollar empire from my kitchen table, even though that would be a great story to tell. I ‘m just a guy who wanted to start an info product business from home and was really getting fed up with all the lack of information on how to create these products.

What I noticed when I bought a lot of these courses on product creation was many of the gurus would have a section on creating audio and they would recommend some of the software they use to create these type of products. There wasn’t much detailed information on the “how to do it” part of audio creation.

Now I was on a mission to really understand the nuts and bolts of audio creation. I really wanted to get into the how to do it step-by-step mode.

My answer was right under my nose and that’s when the flood gates started to open

That’s when I contacted my best friend of 25 years and pitched him my idea. Since he is already a master in this field, whom else but him to help put this product together.

I have to admit that I’m totally amazed at how much equipment he has in his basement studio. On one wall he has a rack full of musical equipment. On his desk he has two computers loaded with thousands of dollars worth of software for creating music. He has a band setup ( guitars, basses, drums, mics) ready to go for recording. In a nutshell, he can record a whole album right in his basement.

So for him, my idea would be a piece of cake as far as helping get this together.

I asked him a few questions about what folks will need to start creating some killer audios and this is what he told me:

Question 1: What equipment do you need to get started ?

Answer: Well, the obvious things are a mic, software, and a sound card. The not so obvious things are hard drive space and the power to run the software. Since everything will be recorded in wave and can be saved into another format later on, wave can take up to anywhere from 1.5 megs to 10 megs per minute depending on the quality of the recording. So you have to be aware of how much hard drive space you have available.

Side Note: Most computers nowadays have ample hard drive space to handle recordings. Just to give you an example, one of the bonuses that is a 20 minute recording on how to Make a small fortune with Atlanta  Pro audio reports takes up approx. 255 megabytes.

Question 2: What software are we using? I notice many of the online gurus mention soundforge

Answer: Soundforge is a good program and I use it myself . But it is a very expensive program ($399.95) and since we want to keep it inexpensive for people to get started this wouldn’t be my program of choice. The program that I have in mind costs as much as $39.95 and is a very powerful piece of software. Also, I added three powerful software programs to the package that will not cost you a dime…nada…free that will get you going fast to creating you’re own awesome audios.

Side Note: When you get the course I’ll show you where you can get the more advanced software for at a discount if you decide to go that route.

Question 3: Is it complicated to setup this home recording studio from your home?

Answer: It is very easy to setup. Just plug the mic in the back of your sound card and load the software onto your computer and your ready to go. There may be some slight tweaks to be made to get the software to work with your sound card but this is explained in the course, so it’s a piece of cake.

Question 4: Who is this course for?

Answer: This course is for those who want to get on the fast track when it comes to creating audio products, audio for the web, and recording telephone interviews for a product. All the guess work has been eliminated and when you sit back and watch these videos, in no time flat you will be creating audio products like a pro.

There’s no better way to learn then to watch somebody do something and you just repeat the process yourself. That’s the beauty of this course, everything is in a step by step video format…You can’t get any easier than this.

Let me give you a little taste of what you will be watching…..

This is the only course I know of that actually shows you step-by-step, A to Z about setting up your computer to create professional audios

Here are some of the techniques you will learn in this amazing course :

  • Amazingly quick technique for adding intro and outro musical scores to your products- (video 3)
  • With a few clicks of the mouse you can add some killer effects
    to enhance your audio projects- (video 8)
  • Learn how to edit your volume on the fly. This could make or break your project- (video 9)
  • Don’t like what you hear, this video will show you how to erase
    and re-record in a snap-(video 5)
  • There’s only one microphone setup that I prefer and I’ll tell you why-(video 2)
  • Learn all the editing techniques that you’ll ever need to create any
    kind of audio project
  • Learn how to convert files to mp3s using this free software program
    that I show you how to use
  • Learn the do’s and don’t’s of setting up your software the right
    way. (video-1)
  • This technique saves hours of recording time by only editing the bad sections of your recording (video-6)
  • Simple fade in and fade out techniques will really add the professional touch to your audios and I’ll show you how to do it (video-11)
  • In a hurry! Quick and easy vocal recording is explained in this lesson (video-4)
  • Pay attention to these videos! You’ll learn how to “position the
    tracks” into your finished product (videos 12 & 13)
  • This is the last step… Learn to prepare and export to your desired file format: real audio, wave, windows media, mp3 in a couple of clicks (video 15)
  • Quick start checklist to really get things moving. Print this baby
    out and you’ll be able to handle any project in minutes
  • You’ll have access to my private e-mail for any questions that you have…I won’t leave you stranded

    Learn to easily mix multiple tracks into one beautifully professional sounding masterpiece ( videos 10 & 14)
  • This simple technique eliminates the highs and lows of your vocal recording making one smooth sounding track( video 7)
  • Want to learn how to add track selection to your CD’s the easy way, I’ll show you how. (video 16)
  • Forget about expensive software ($399.00! give me a break!). I’ll show you how to do it on the cheap. How’s $50.00 or less for software and a mic sound.. Even better, how does FREE software sound
  • Want to create flash buttons for your web audio. Got you covered. I included software for this one..

This amazing course will be delivered right to you’re front door. All you need to do is put the CD in the tray and let the CD do the rest.

This is how easy it is...

Step 1. You’ll receive the course in the mail which is in the form of a CD-ROM.

Step 2. You insert the CD-ROM into your hard drive and it will start up on it’s own.

Step 3. You will see the main menu and then you click on ” Important Update-Listen Now ”

Step 4. A link will be provided to you to order the software that you will be using to create your audio products.


Just click on ” Five Free Programs” and start downloading the software right from the CD-Rom.

Step 5. Start going through the screen cam videos. Each video builds off the previous one and takes you step by step to creating a audio masterpiece. Videos are supplied for the advanced audio software as well as the free programs. I left nothing to chance. All the guesswork has been eliminated…

Step 6. Enjoy the rest of what the course has to offer as far as bonuses and the other little goodies that I pack onto this CD-ROM.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell… This course delivers on what so many others try to do and miss. This is the real nuts and bolts of how to do it and to do it right.

When I first came up with the idea for this course it had to fit my mold of what
a killer product would consist of .

  1.  To create this audio studio it had to be inexpensive for people to start
  2.  It had to be easy to learn – A 1,2,3, step-by-step program
  3.  It had to be packed to the teeth with some solid information

And most importantly it had to be fun…

I have to say that creating audios is a really fun experience. From the actual
creation of the product to the editing and all the way to the final product in
hand. It’s really neat to have a finished product in a day or two and to be able
to listen to yourself with all the bells and whistles of a audio CD that you may buy in a bookstore..

But the self doubters out there might be asking…

Why do you want to create crappy audio products when e-books are all the rage?

Some of you might be thinking,” Why audio? Why not e-books, since this is the
hot topic on the net these days”.

Well, in my humble opinion, e-books can be a pain in the neck as far as creating and buying.

  1. They are time consuming to create especially if you are not a fast typist
  2. You’re stuck to your computer as far as reading them goes…sure you can print them out, but that can be an added expense…printer ink isn’t that cheap especially if your printing out a 250-300 page e-book.
  3. And it seems they are a dime a dozen…you can find free e-books everywhere.

But even with all the negatives…

The e-book itself will always be a good format for people to sell their information but it’s not the only game in town any more…

Let’s put a little twist to the standard e-book formula and add audio to it..

Here’s my formula for creating products like crazy..

1. Create the audio program first
2. Have the audio transcribed
3. Edit it into chapters
4. Turn the document into PDF file
5. Sell the audio and transcripts as a package


Not only do you have an e-book but you have an audio program to go with it,
which in turn, gives you more perceived value and a higher asking price.

Now this formula might not be for everybody but the thing I like about it is
that it is quick…It might take you a day to create an audio program where
as it might take you weeks to create a 200-300 page e-book.

If you want to be successful in your own business you
need your own products

So the name of the game is to start pumping these products out like crazy and the best way to do that is using audio. Nobody says that you have to start out creating e-books. If you make 2 or 3 programs a month and sell them to your market you’re getting a lot of exposure aren’t you…yes you are.

My motto is “the more you create the more you make”

With broadband access becoming readily available and software products making audio creation that much easier, marketers and product creators are turning to audio products as part of their arsenal of money makers.

Every where you turn product creators are whipping up products left and right in the form of..

  • Audio Seminars
  • Teleconferences
  • Audio postcards
  • Audio newsletters
  • Audio interviews
  • Audio tapes
  • Audio CDs
  • Audio testimonials on web sitesand so on..

Why do you think that is.. Well, from the creators point of view..

  • They are easy to create once you know how
  • They are inexpensive to produce
  • Have a high perceived value
  • Add credibility
  • Another option besides e-books
  • Can deliver easily in a digital format
  • Create products in hours instead of weeks and months

As you can tell there are many reasons why you should be creating
audio products and not just e-books.

Now let me make something very clear

If you’re serious about creating professional audio products, there are some things that you just can’t get around. These are things you are going to need
outside of buying my course.

You are going to need a sound card. Most all computers have them but make sure you do.

 Make sure you have the hard drive space to support large files. When recording, especially in wave format, files will take up a lot of space. For example my 20 minute bonus audio “How to make a small fortune with audio reports” takes up about 255 megs. I run a 600 MHZ with a 20 gig drive and have no problems. I just want you to be aware of your hard drive space.

 The software that I demonstrate in my video has some requirements so you
need to be aware of this also:

System Requirements
Windows 98, 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP
300 MHz processor
100 MB free hard disk space
800×600 screen resolution/256 color display
CD-ROM drive (for installation)
MIDI interface and/or Windows-compatible sound card

Note: Not compatible with Windows 95 or NT or MAC

And A Microphone!

Now don’t think that this is going to cost you a fortune. You can pick up a mic
for around $10.00 and the software for less than $50.00 and for those that do not want to take the dive you can use the free software that I include in the course. So all you really need is a mic to get started.

I’m throwing everything at you that you could possibly have as far as turning
your computer into an audio studio. I show you how to really do it when it comes to audio creation.

Now you can go through the time consuming and expensive process of finding this information on your own. You can go through the trial and error of figuring
out what software to use and how to use it, but why bother.

Why bother, when it’s like having me come into your home and take you by
the hand and show you step-by-step all the way from beginning to end on
the journey to building an audio empire.

But not only that, you’ll be with me every step of the way in the future
as we explore new technologies that will take your product creation to the
next level.
The internet is only going to get better. Technology is only going
to get easier.

We’ll explore different formats for product creation in the future as part
of the update section of the course. This is one of the killer bonuses.

Here’s my offer to you:

The price of the course is US $47.00. Order a copy of the course completely at my risk. Go through the course Audio products made easy for 90 full days. And If you’re not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all …return the course and you’ll receive a full and fast refund. No Questions asked. No hassles.

If you don’t think this course is worth the US $47.00 than I’m really going to push you over the edge with these exclusive bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else….Feast your eyes on these little gems.


Bonus #1 : Convert wave to mp3 quick video

Watch as I show you step-by-step on how to use a free program to convert your wave files to mp3 and vice versa.

I’ll take you to the site and show you where to get it. You’ll learn how to properly convert files to mp3 (There are some things you need to learn before you convert those files. Miss this and you miss the whole reason on why you should be converting your files in the first place).

Bonus #2: How to add audio to a web site quick and easy…The Video

In these videos I show you how to add audio to your site using the flash buttons that you see here, and I also show you how to add real player and mp3s to your site as well. You don’t have to use the audio buttons you can add a link to your site also. Watch how easy it is to add audio to your site. Kiss those monthly services good-bye.

Bonus # 3 : How to make a small fortune with audio reports

In this quick overview audio you will learn how to create 1 to 2 hour audio
reports to be used as lead generation products or to sell them on there own.

How to research topics for your audio reports. I reveal one of my favorite techniques for whipping up products like they’re going out of style. Warning! this technique can cause information overload. You may not know where to start with all the ideas running in your head..

Get your topic together and ready for recording..the lazy man’s way.

Tips on duplication of CD’s and cassettes for the tight wad..

Bonus #4 : Unlimited updates and access to the info product network

What would a program be if you couldn’t get free updates. Let’s face it , technology is always changing and you’ll have a front row seat as we explore the technology breakthroughs together.

Also, you will get access to the info product network that will give you access to other members products. This will be a members only benefit for those that bought this course.

I’ll explain more about this in the package.

Bonus #5: A selection of musical audio Intro’s

I’ll throw in three musical scores that you can use for your intro and outro music for your audio creation process. These were created exclusively for this package from my friend’s studio

Bonus #6: How to record phone interviews on the cheap

This little report shows you how to set up a cost effective recording system for $40.00. This little system works great. If you’re going to create audio products you have to add interviews into your arsenal of products. This is a must have! One popular internet guy is charging $199.00 for a similiar package.

Now with everything included in this package, I was really debating on if I should charge more for this course. I was thinking possibly $67.00 or maybe $97.00.

But the fact of the matter is that this course is brand new and I wanted to offer it at a introductory price for a limited time. If I find that sales are going through the roof and people are telling me that I’m nuts for selling at such a low price then I will raise it to see what happens. After all, that’s what being in business is all about. Testing different price points, sales copy, and so on.


I wanted to make it a price that was worth my while and also cost effective for you as well. I want you to feel that you got a great bang for the buck. To be quit honest, I’m hoping you like the quality so much that you will stay a customer for other products that I will offer down the road.

So on that note, let’s do a quick recap of what you’ll get…

  • You’re going to get a CD-ROM with 560 megabytes of power packed videos, audios, and other little surprise goodies. PC only! sorry Mac heads
  • Six exclusive bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else which include unlimited updates, the info product network, easy how-to’s, and much more.
  • Five software programs included- valued over $100.00.

I can’t make this course any easier than it is and as far as I know there is
no other course that goes into detail like this one.

I want you to know that you will not be left alone. You will have access to
mine and my friend’s knowledge at your disposal.

Now I think that US$47.00 is a drop in the bucket for all the information that you are getting.

Order now… and take advantage of my low introductory price because I can guarantee you that it will go up in the near future.

Take advantage my generous offer and place your order now..

To all your success,

PS…This course is going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step
on how to create audio products from the comfort of your own home. All the guess work has been eliminated as far as what software to use, what kind of microphone to use, and how to whip out CD quality audio programs like crazy.

This is the only course I know of that gets into this much detail for creating audio products and audio for the web.

And the best part is you can watch me do it step-by-step…

PPS… If you’re ready to jump into the fast lane of audio creation this is the
course that you cannot miss… Order Today.